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The state comprises the south eastern district of the former state of Madya Pradesh. The state Chhatisgarh came into being on 1st November 2000. The state is drained by a number of rivers,namely Seonath,Mahanadi,Hasdo,Rihand,Mand,Kanhar and Indravatti rushing through its hills and plateau. Main attractions for tourist in Chhatisgarh are Barsur,Bastar specially famous for Tribal Culture including Villages, colorful weekly markets and festivals,Bhoramdeo Temples,Kutemsar caves,Rajim and Arang Temples and Monuments of Sirpur which attract many domenstic and foreghn tourist to TRAVEL TO CHHATISGARH.


Jagdalpur is the headquarter of Bastar division.Nearby are the spcectucular Chitrakote waterfalls,the kanger Valley National Park with the Tiradgarh falls and Kutmasar,Dandak and Kailash caves,handicraft centres of Shilpagram,Kumharpara and Kondagaon,the temples of Bastar Village,Narainpal,The gudis at Ektaguda,Lohandiguda and Chhindagon and various other sites of historical interest. But main attractions which attract visitors to TRAVEL TO JAGDALPUR is the Tribal Culture specially Maria and Muria tribals.


As Raipur has the only commercial airport in Chhatisgarh, the tourist comming to Chhatisgarh by air has the first glimpse of Bastar usually in the town of Kanker,formerly capital of the princely state of the same name,beyond kanker are the picturesque town of keshkel and the archeological site of Garh Gobarhin. To the north of Kanker is the village of Udkuda,famous for the ancient cave paintings.The Craft centre of Narayainpur are also worth visiting . The recently created Narainpur district has the Budhist site Bhongpal as wel as the historic shiv temple at Ondaon. Another and most important is Tribal culture around Kanker encourage visitors to TRAVEL TO KANKER.


Raipur is the capital of newly formed Chhaitaisgarh which is administrative centre and commercial hub of the whole province. Raipur has very good infrastructe and very good communication system to diferennt part of province and different part of the country. Main tourist attractions which encourage to TRAVEL TO RAIPUR are Raipur Museum, Temples of Aranga, Temples of Rajim and Coloruful Monastery of Champaner


Kawardha,the name of town derives its name from Kabirdham,and is one of the seats of Kabirpanth sect,after Dharmadas,a disciple of Kabir founded am ashram here in the 16th century,through there is no Kabirpanthi asram there now. Begun in 1935, the beautiful Kawardha palace has Petrine dome, a sumptuous darbar hall and an ornate dining room. It has been converted into a heritage hotel where visitors are to be treated to Italian Marble floors, stuffed tigers, Imperial memorabilia and Vintage bathroom fittings of a 9 acre compound. But the main reaons for the traveler TRAVEL FO kwardha to visit amazing 10th century Bhoramdeo temple and Baiga tribal villages to explore the tribal culture.

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